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Macao Climate

Macao located at the west bank of Pearl River Delta in South China, is the intersection of Mainland China and South China Sea. It is also located at the south of tropic of Cancer. The winds directions in winter and summer are opposites. Therefore, Macao is in the monsoon region and from the climate classification is considered mild and rainy in summer. The most comfortable period begins from the middle of October to December.

The winter season in Macao covers the months January and February. The cold air from north Siberia continuously passes through the Mid and South China into Macao region and brings us cold and dry northerly winds. The urban temperature sometimes drops below 10X C. Therefore, the annual minimum temperature is generally recorded in these two months. The precipitation and rainy days are less it is because lack of water vapor in the atmosphere.

March and April is the seasonal interchange period. The wind direction along the coastal region of South China is mainly easterly to southeasterly, which will increase the temperature and humidity. Beside some occasional wet weather, fog, drizzle and low visibility days, the weather is mainly fine in spring.

The summer in Macao is longer than the other seasons. Because of hot and wet conditions, the bad weather such as thunderstorm and heavy rain always occur from May to September. Waterspout can be seen occasionally. Meanwhile from May to October, tropical cyclones occur frequently which make the highest records of precipitation, temperature, rainy days and thunderstorms.

The autumn begins at October, at that time the mainland China becomes cool. The autumn season in Macao is very short, the weather is stable and comfortable with clear sky. It finally returns to the cool and dry November. The cold air from the north will intrude periodically in December.