Eclipse Photos

The photo animation of Total Lunar Eclipse was taken by the staff on the roof of SMG

After 16th June, citizens can watch the astronomical phenomena of total lunar eclipse again in the Macao night sky on 10th December in this year.  The activity " Total Lunar Eclipse Watching Activity" was organized jointly by Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau(SMG), Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau(IACM) and Macao Scientific Center(MSC) from 20H00 to 23H00 on that night in Macao peninsula and Taipa Simultaneously.  The activity in Taipa was held in "Natural Park of Taipa Grande" and the headquater of SMG, includes "Watching the Total Lunar Eclipse through the astronomical telescope", "Astronomical Workshop" and "Eclipse Lecture - Coppery-red Moon".
Due to the
enthusiastical participation of Macao citizens, the activity was ended satisfactorily even in a chill night.