Latest Aviation Weather Report (METAR)

METAR VMMC 201130Z 24008KT 190V280 9999 -SHRA FEW012 SCT040 27/25 Q1006 TEMPO VRB15G25KT 2500 TSRA FEW010 SCT020CB=

Decoded METAR in plain language
Contents of Report Code Information
Report Type METAR Aviation Routine Weather Report
Location VMMC Macao, China
Time of the Observation 201130Z 20/07/2019 11:30:00 UTC
Surface Wind Direction and Speed 24008KT 190V280 mean direction 240 degrees, speed 8 knots; varying between 190 and 280 degrees
Visibility 9999 10 kilometres or more
Present Weather -SHRA light rain shower
Cloud FEW012 SCT040 amount 1-2 oktas; base 1200 feet
amount 3-4 oktas; base 4000 feet
Air Temperature and Dew-Point Temperature 27/25 air temperature 27°C
dew point temperature 25°C
Pressure (QNH) Q1006 1006 hPa
Trend Forecasts During Next Two Hours TEMPO VRB15G25KT 2500 TSRA FEW010 SCT020CB temporarily
wind: variable direction, speed 15 knots; gust 25 knots
visibility: 2500 metres
weather: rain with thunderstorm
cloud: amount 1-2 oktas; base 1000 feet
amount 3-4 oktas cumulonimbus; base 2000 feet

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